A Look Back on that Blue-Tainted November Night

I actually started writing this post about three years ago and never really got back to it, hence the somewhat pretentiously-worded title. Now that I’m trying my hand at freelance writing, I thought I’d give blogging a go again and – finally – finish telling this story.

So, here it goes.

If there’s one thing life taught me, it’s that it never really tells you when something special is going to happen. Every day, we wake up unsure of things that lie ahead, and most of us are either filled with excitement or dread at the mere thought of not knowing. I am often amazed at how a single circumstance moment or event can turn your life around and change it forever.

For me, one of those moments was the ‘blue-tainted November night’. Why, you ask? Well, because it was the night I met the love of my life.  

Okay, I have to stop right here because I want to be totally honest with you before I continue. FACT: I am as sentimental and emotional as they come, so I do have the propensity to blurt out sappy, cheesy clichés like “I just met the love of my life.” That’s just who I am. On the other hand, I also write a lot about pain, misery, sorrow, and darkness – both in the context of my personal life and of society. This means that I reserve the right to speak freely on this blog about anything that I deem relevant, as is within my right to free speech. I don’t mean to spew legal jargon or anything, but I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I’ve reserved this little corner of the Internet to write stuff that I think should be talked about, so I welcome everyone else who can foster intelligent discourse on this blog, as long as it does not cultivate hate.

Phew. What an interlude. Sorry about that.

Where were we?

Ah, yes, the ‘blue-tainted November night’.  The night I met the love of my life.

Well, the thing is, that night was truly special not just because it was the moment I found my significant other, but because it was the night that I truly opened myself up to a million different possibilities. And I will always be grateful for that night.

You see, if it weren’t for that night, I probably would’ve never opened up to seeing love beyond gender and sexuality – or, at the very least, it would’ve taken me quite longer to realize it. Looking back at it now, I realize that that night propelled me into this progressive state of mind I’m in right now – the sort of headspace that has helped me grow wiser and empowered me to become the woman I am today.

If it weren’t for that night, I probably would have been stuck in a rut. I probably would have been satisfied with small hopes and dreams – dreams that would have left me stagnant, complacent, and moribund. While it didn’t happen overnight, of course, that night paved the way for me to reach for my dreams and encouraged me to dream bigger. That moment gave me the courage to explore the countless possibilities and opportunities for growth and development, and I will always be thankful for that.

Most of all, that night taught me to follow my heart. While I do admit that I am no stranger to taking risks and doing what my heart tells me to, that night taught me to look beyond societal norms and follow what my heart says. Like I said, that night taught me to see love beyond gender, sexuality, race, or creed, and it was indeed that fateful night that I realized that love (or attraction) knows no bounds. It helped me understand what I’d been raised to go against, as it not only helped me gain perspective but it touched my heart in a way that only love can, and I’ve been fighting for that love ever since.

I certainly think that life doesn’t prepare us for these moments because it has its own way of making things beautiful in its own time.

A Look Back on that Blue-Tainted November Night